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Forklift accessories market development and trends

With the rapid development of forklift machine, and echo this is the forklift truck accessories market continues to expand, which means that in the future, forklift accessories unlimited potential, challenges and opportunities coexist. To succeed, we must follow the market trend, keep up with the pace of the times, then, forklift truck accessories market trends in the future is what?
First, the rapid development of forklift industry
From the forklift market development, since 2001, China's forklift industry is the rapid development of the period, except for the financial crisis in 2012, the average annual sales of forklifts in China almost 20% of the speed of rapid growth, to the end of 2015 forklift The market holdings of more than 200 million units, and forklift ownership in the next five years to maintain the annual growth of more than 200,000 units in the growth process, the manufacturers of parts is not universal, forklift parts in order to meet the machine Enterprise capacity expansion needs, there has been the expansion of the number of parts enterprises, capacity expansion.
Second, forklift parts business model analysis
Forklift parts manufacturers can be divided into manufacturers and sellers, in order to facilitate our analysis of their position in the parts industry, we can broadly divided into the following five business model.
Domestic outstanding national enterprises
Forklift industry rapid growth, in this process, led to a large number of accessories business to flourish. After several decades of expansion, a large number of parts companies profit and recycling investment, has developed into a certain size of the mature industry, and China's accessories industry is basically the characteristics of low-end supporting industry surplus, while still supporting the key areas The technical bottleneck, but also some outstanding national enterprises, and actively learn from foreign competition means, after a period of effort domestic enterprises strategic reorganization of initial success, accelerate the pace of technological innovation, brand awareness of competition. Some of them continue to independent research and development supporting products, and sales to supporting companies, and actively adjust the product structure, develop new products and new technology, stabilize the old market, expand new markets, and products from low-end maintenance market to high-end host market, In a field to do specifically, do fine, take the technical transformation of the line, focus on a leader, while the establishment of various barriers, and gradually form a lasting competitive advantage, leading the domestic forklift industry, even in the international reputation.
Foreign joint ventures, international parts enterprises
One of the main motivations for the introduction of foreign investment in China is the exchange of advanced technologies. With the large multinational companies have to invest in the establishment of machine factory and the domestic market competition, forklift accessories giant also set off in China for research and development investment climax, especially some of the core key components such as high-end hydraulic parts, hydrostatic transmission and Most of the foreign-invested enterprises rely on the strong parent company, with the parent company's global strategy, sensitive to changes in demand and good at capturing market opportunities. , And in the enterprise scale and financial status, technological level and research and development capabilities, corporate profitability comprehensive, corporate brand competition, and other advantages, by virtue of these advantages, foreign-invested enterprises continue to expand market share, industry control continued to strengthen. The establishment of R & D centers and technological development activities of these FIEs undoubtedly help to improve the overall level of China's accessories industry technology, but also widen the gap between domestic and foreign-funded enterprises in technological innovation and R & D capability.
Foreign-invested enterprises enter the market of forklift parts in China to participate in the competition, which is of positive significance to the improvement of the competition consciousness, the marketization of enterprise behavior and the adjustment of enterprise organization scale. Foreign-funded enterprises attach importance to the brand effect, not only in the joint venture to arrange their own brand products, production and publicity, but also actively try to brand localization, within the joint venture, the foreign side will usually take a rolling transfer technology to maintain a certain technological advantage, The foreign party is generally not willing to transfer the most advanced technology to its joint venture can not be controlled. Therefore, foreign enterprises in China forklift parts industry to enhance the role of technology is limited.
Maintenance business operators accessories
With the forklift machine production and sales increase, the domestic forklift parts are not mature enough, there has been derived from the original forklift maintenance operations of the accessories business, its product development and business management level is still quite backward, basically not With the size of the industry's rapid development led to the rapid development of such enterprises, and some companies in the development of a smooth transition in the management and technology for the development of the industry has played a role in promoting the development of some companies flexibility Very limited, in the future they may restrict the development of the industry.
Accessories wholesalers
We put these large wholesalers are divided into domestic forklift parts manufacturers and imported forklift parts business.
Domestic forklift parts manufacturers through the implementation of marketing functions, to the forklift truck parts manufacturers and regional service providers (retailers) to provide services to achieve its role. They specialize in the distribution of forklift parts and combine the supply of the parts manufacturers with the needs of the regional service providers (retailers). It acts as the sales center of the parts manufacturer and the purchasing center of the regional service provider (retailer). It acts as the hub of communication information, enlarges the comparability of the products in terms of quality and price, enhances the transparency of the market, Manufacturers, regional service providers (retailers) because of blind marketing, procurement, resulting in huge consumption. At the same time through warehousing, transportation and other services, so that different times, different regions of supply and demand can be balanced.
Import forklift accessories wholesalers in the characteristics of domestic forklift accessories, but also continue to introduce high-quality forklift accessories from abroad and the new service concept, led to the domestic forklift parts and service levels.
But the wholesaler infrastructure construction lagged behind wholesale trading, the majority of the wholesale industry is still followed the traditional high-cost trading, trading supply and demand information lag, The most important point is: large wholesalers operating the product is relatively single, the lack of a unified industrial chain planning and layout.
Regional business
General collection of forklift trucks, including various systems, including all kinds of forklift accessories, has its own unique advantages, so that customers can easily buy parts in the region, the general management of the products are more close at the same time as close to customers, In the customer's position more objective and fair look at the product to achieve the regional balance between supply and demand for many 整機 manufacturers and users, but the regional business is basically no product pricing ability, because they are two or three suppliers, Not a manufacturer, which determines their pricing power is limited.
The above five business models work together in the forklift truck parts industry, they each have their own advantages, and in a certain period of time to promote the progress of the industry, the future development of accessories companies can refer to the development of European accessories enterprises in the development of quality control system, procurement System, property management system, the sales system of continuous improvement.