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Construction Machinery Parts War

Accessories market in general is a market after the construction machinery, construction machinery surplus in the era of excess sales opportunities to tighten the new machine, two mobile phone accessories and accessories market has become the industry concerned about the market.

According to "find heavy" incomplete statistics, China's construction machinery parts market each year about 200 billion. Trinity and the large manufacturers such as the profit growth point of hope in the original parts sales, a number of companies launched their own accessories mall, theoretically, the brand manufacturers sell a large number of machinery companies, these Machinery in its product life cycle will continue to consume parts, which will be a rigid demand, should be able to bring profits for the brand manufacturers to grow. Brand manufacturers want to increase the sales of original parts, professional parts companies are also trying to defend their interests in the accessories sales, which will form parts war, brand enterprises like high-end cities, It is a question whether the countryside encircles the city or the city guides the countryside. In order to facilitate the distinction, in this article, Sanyo and the manufacturers of this part of the original accessories called accessories, non-original parts of unification as professional accessories.

Construction machinery parts sales is a comprehensive service, accessories sales enterprises to make money with three brushes: the first brush is the after-sales service, parts sales to customers after the use of feedback processing, the more timely the more able to win the trust of customers. The second brush is credit support, accessories, sales of the final customers are mainly construction enterprises and machinery leasing companies, these companies have become the industry's normal accounts receivable, accessories sales account period there are phenomena, there will be interest on the account. The third is the scale of the brush, bulk purchase price is low, sporadic selling price to the amount of money. The three brushes only one form of expression, that is, buy low sell high to make the difference.

"Looking for Heavy Industries" tried from the accessories of the customer layer, accessories sales management and other aspects of the two parts of the odds of winning the probability of war.

Parts of the distribution channels are mainly the following three, 1. Accessories business sales to the maintenance business, maintenance and repair services through the replacement parts + accessories sold out. 2. Accessories companies directly to the leasing business sales of accessories, on the scale of the leasing companies will set up a maintenance team, the maintenance team to purchase spare parts for contingencies. 3. Accessories The enterprise sells the fittings to the construction and construction units. Some construction units have their own mechanical equipment. In order to guarantee the progress of the construction, the procurement of spare parts at the construction site is reserved and the time cost of spare parts is reduced when the machinery is repaired.

Parts of the distribution channels to determine the customer's level, high-end customers are mainly sensitive to price-sensitive price-sensitive customers, construction units, especially large state-owned construction machinery maintenance if not subcontracted to the staff management, equipment management will tend to Purchase original parts, because the original parts price is relatively stable, can withstand the audit department's inspection; the other is the quality of the original parts is relatively stable, if the mechanical failure, the engineering department will not blame the equipment sector procurement of accessories There is tricky. Of course, there is also a state of mind is very important, that is, anyway, is the public money, spend some do not have too much care.

In the low-end accessory users from the repair shop and leasing companies, the two companies are more sensitive to price, quality requirements for the product varies by the boss. Maintenance and leasing companies have the ability to distinguish between the quality of most parts, and then have the ability to determine the cost-effective parts, once this form of thinking to determine the inertia, then some companies will adhere to select parts of the original parts, there will be some enterprises will Will adhere to select professional accessories. As the original parts prices relative to the professional accessories may be high, so the low-end accessories users will tend to choose professional accessories.

From the customer point of view, the future large-scale state-owned enterprises in the light assets of strategic considerations, will reduce the procurement of equipment to leasing equipment. Which means that the size of maintenance and leasing companies will grow, this price-sensitive customers may be more inclined to purchase professional accessories rather than the original parts. Therefore, in the customer point of view, professional accessories than the original parts of the future development opportunities more.

Parts from the sales channel construction point of view, accessories, sales and sales agents are divided into two channels, the original manufacturer of accessories before the brand is mainly by the after-sales service department sales. After-sales service capacity will drive the sales of new machines in the new machine sales of the most crazy 2010-2012, after-sales service sector construction has reached its peak, and sales decline in 2013 when the clues, the burning of the after-sales service The gradual reduction of the size of the sector or even the gradual abolition of a well-known manufacturers in Guangzhou after-sales departments have even been completely abolished, there is no after-sales support of the original accessories can only take the channel agents or direct business, if the original accessories online price Higher than the dealer's line price, the manufacturer's original parts manufacturers do not have the opportunity to develop; if the original accessories online price is lower than the agent's line price, the original parts of the agents will To give up the right agent or dispute.

Channel management costs from the sales point of view, the original parts of the direct marketing management costs because of brand image demands, high quality management personnel causes high channel management costs, it must be in order to maintain high profit operation. Which led to the original parts in addition to good quality lead to high prices, the high cost of its channel is also an important reason for its high prices. Original parts of the direct channels are hired professional managers, that white is a senior migrant workers who rely on wages and bonuses to survive. If the original parts sales rely on wages to encourage workers who can not guarantee 24-hour parts after-sales service initiative. If the original parts rely on bonuses to mobilize the enthusiasm of migrant workers, do not rule out the possibility of private part-time sales of professional accessories, rich monks and poor temple is very high. Professional accessories manufacturers of small-scale, the boss is generally self-management sales, the boss is characterized by on-call, no weekends. Professional accessories owner of enterprise ownership and management rights in one, there is no eating in the mind outside the Grilled. If the original accessories to take direct channels, it is likely to result in high operating costs and service capacity is difficult to guarantee.

From the sale of accessories sales point of view, the original parts of the price more transparent, this is a good thing is a bad thing, for cash purchases, price transparency is a good thing; for credit sales, price transparency is not necessarily a good thing. Accessories sellers in the credit sales accessories will be more inclined to choose the price is not transparent professional accessories, this kind of accessories because the price is not transparent, so the cost of credit plus the cost of the number of customers is also difficult to trace, but some customers will find professional accessories Than to buy the original parts of the cheap but also credit.

On the whole, if the Chinese economy continues to decline, construction machinery industry profits remain in the doldrums, there will be more accessories to end-price-sensitive to the ranks of the final parts of the outcome of the war is likely to be surrounded by rural cities.